Forth Dimension Displays has focused on developing the superior solutions for high performance, professional Near-To-Eye (NTE) applications. In these applications, customers are seeking microdisplays with the best possible image quality backed up knowledgeable in-depth technical support. With 10+ years track record supplying full colour microdisplays into NTE applications, Forth Dimension Displays have supplied systems to most organizations operating in this field. Typical application areas include::

 Virtual Environments  QXGA Electronic Viewfinder EVF Forth Dimension Displays
Training and Virtual Environments  Camera viewfinders
 VR Headset optical-engine applications
Medical systems 3D Metrology

More recently, Forth Dimension Displays has leveraged the benefits of the TDI™ technology to develop systems focused on other markets, most notably 3D Metrology and Super-resolution Microscopy