Electronic Viewfinders

QXGA demo

Cut-away of the ForthDD QXGA-EVF demonstrator

Cut-away of the ForthDD QXGA-EVF demonstrator


Forth Dimensions Displays’ high definition (HD) microdisplays are well suited to use in electronic viewfinders (EVFs) for high performance digital cine cameras.

“In 2010 ARRI introduced its groundbreaking Alexa digital camera system, which quickly went on to become an industry standard for feature, commercial and episodic television productions. The camera features a high quality electronic viewfinder that ARRI designed around ForthDD’s WXGA FLCoS display. With the support of ForthDD’s technical team, a product was created to match the imaging performance of the camera. Since its introduction, over 2000 Alexas have been sold and customer response has proven that the chosen concept was the right one.”
Michael Koppetz, Senior Engineer, ARRI


As DoP Bill Bennett, ASC remarked at the recent NAB show: “In my use of the Alexa over the past year and a half, I have found that the viewfinder is bright, sharp, color accurate, and easy to judge focus.”>

In next generation EVFs, containing our QXGA microdisplay, camera operators can view an accurate colour 1080p image taken directly from the camera’s image sensor combined with an extended on-screen display (OSD) frame that does not intrude into the 1080p window. This enhances the ability of the Director of Photography and cameraman to operate and control the camera and deliver the best cinematic or television experience.

Typical Microdisplays for IP core design are WXGA, SXGA or QXGA.