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The QXGA-R9 is a 3.1 MPixel or 2048 X 1536 pixel FLCoS for applications requiring a very high resolution microdisplay or a fast spatial light modulator (SLM) operating in either amplitude modulation or phase modulation.

Configured as a near-to-eye (NTE) display the QXGA-R9 is one of the highest resolution microdisplay in the world with over 3.1 million pixels in a 21mm (0.83”) diagonal.

Using Time Domain Imaging™ to create high fidelity images, it enables immersive (>100°) wide field of view (WFOV) head mounted display systems to be realised without resolvable pixel structure.

As a fast SLM it can display binary bit-planes in real time at frequencies >5.7 KHz enabling developments in a range of industrial applications.

Building on 10+ years of FLCoS design and manufacturing at Forth Dimensions Displays, the QXGA-R9 represents the latest revolutionary step in fast, versatile, high resolution, high quality microdisplay systems.



  • Reflective microdisplay with 0.83” / 21.0 mm diagonal active area
  • QXGA resolution – 2048 x 1536 pixels with a 8.2 μm pitch
  • High fill factor > 94%
  • 24-bit native colour depth (8-bit per colour)
  • Image processing options – gamma correction/dither
  • Fast switching liquid crystal (typically 40μs)
  • Fast binary mode performance (>5.7KHz) at SXGA resolution
  • Application optimised display addressing sequences
  • USB Interface for system control
  • GUI for system set-up and administration
  • Default DisplayPort video input
  • Daughterboard expansion header for custom system integration
  • Time Domain Imaging™ colour and greyscale
  • Greater than full HD and WUXGA
  • Enables 2K/full HD video window with an OSD above and below
  • High speed – 120Hz native WUXGA performance at 24-bit colour
  • Scalable brightness and customisable colour gamut
  • No sub pixels or colour filters

  • Accessories
    • Flexi-redirectors to meet Interpupillary Distance
    • RGB-LED Illuminator Unit (upcoming)
    • Near-To-Eye Viewing Optics



  • Monocular viewers
  • Binocular viewers
  • Head mounted displays (HMDs)


  • Helmet mounted displays (HMDs)


  • Image injection for surgical microscopes
  • Image guided surgery (IGS)
  • Stereoscopic imaging
  • Ophthalmic metrology
  • Structured illumination microscopy (SIM)


  • Full HD electronic viewfinders (EVFs)
  • Native 2K EVFs

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