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Forth Dimension Displays’ SXGA-R3 system is a fast switching, all digital, high-performance reflective microdisplay and interface electronics. Using no colour sub-pixels, the proprietary Time Domain Imaging technology provides full colour high resolution images from one all digital microdisplay.

The high frame rate of the SXGA-R3 enhances performance for producers of both display and non-display applications, such as spatial light modulation.

This is a simple and instant plug and play unit that supports remote connection of either one microdisplay driven from one interface board (single channel system) or two microdisplays driven from one interface board plus daughter-board (dual channel system).



  • SXGA resolution (1280 x 1024 pixels) with a 13.62 µm pixel pitch
  • Reflective microdisplay with 0.88” / 22.4mm diagonal
  • 24-bit native colour depth (8-bit per colour)
  • Optional dither algorithms to increase greyscale resolution
  • Fast switching liquid crystal (typical 40 μs)
  • Refresh rate up to 85Hz at full colour depth
  • Analogue (VGA) and Digital Video (DVI) inputs
  • 96% fill factor
  • Remote connection of microdisplay(s) via LVDS connection (max. 2.5 m)
  • Optional dual head configuration
  • Different display addressing sequences available for diverse applications
  • USB 2.0/RS-232 interface for system control
  • Also available as wide temperature range version
  • High resolution
  • Full colour and all digital
  • No sub-pixels or colour filters
  • Compatible with multiple illumination sources



  • Monocular viewers
  • Biocular viewers
  • Head mounted displays (HMDs)


  • Image injection for surgical microscopes
  • Stereoscopic imaging
  • Ophthalmic metrology

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