Obsolescence Statement


Forth Dimension Displays will support our TDI display product range for as long as spare parts are commercially available from our suppliers or, in the case of Forth Dimension Displays manufactured components, we are still able to manufacture them (out of production items may be subject to an MOQ and/or payment of NRE costs to re-start production).

In the event that spare parts become unavailable, we will assist in the identification of suitable replacement components or systems.


For a period of five years after shipment, we intend to provide, free of charge, software changes or upgrades to address issues which could degrade system performance or that effect system operation as it was specified at the time of shipping.

We also intend to develop software upgrades which enhance the performance of systems already shipped. Customers should expect that these product enhancements will be charged for.

Important note

This statement shall not be construed to represent a contractual commitment by Forth Dimension Displays Ltd. or Forth Dimension Displays Inc. Unless otherwise contractually provided for, no support, upgrades, replacement components or systems will be provided unless Forth Dimension Displays has accepted a customer order which is subject to the Terms and Conditions of Supply extant at the time the order is placed.