The QXGA-R9 is a 3.1 MPixel or 2048 X 1536 pixel FLCoS for applications requiring a very high resolution microdisplay or a fast spatial light modulator (SLM) operating in either amplitude modulation or phase modulation.

Configured as a near-to-eye (NTE) display the QXGA-R9 is one of the highest resolution microdisplay in the world with over 3.1 million pixels in a 21mm (0.83”) diagonal.

Using Time Domain Imaging™ to create high fidelity images, it enables immersive (>100°) wide field of view (WFOV) head mounted display systems to be realised without resolvable pixel structure.

As a fast SLM it can display binary bit-planes in real time at frequencies >5.7 KHz enabling developments in a range of industrial applications.

Building on 10+ years of LCOS design and manufacturing at Forth Dimensions Displays, the QXGA-R9 represents the latest revolutionary step in fast, versatile, high resolution, high quality microdisplay systems.

Features Benefits
  • Reflective microdisplay with 0.83” / 21.0 mm diagonal active area
  • QXGA resolution – 2048 x 1536 pixels with a 8.2 μm pitch
  • High fill factor > 94%
  • 24-bit native colour depth (8-bit per colour)
  • Image processing options – gamma correction/dither
  • Fast switching liquid crystal (typically 40μs)
  • Fast binary mode performance (>5.7KHz) at SXGA resolution
  • Application optimised display addressing sequences
  • USB Interface for system control
  • GUI for system set-up and administration
  • Default DisplayPort video input
  • Daughterboard expansion header for custom system integration
  • Time Domain Imaging™ colour and greyscale
  • Greater than full HD and WUXGA
  • Enables 2K/full HD video window with an OSD above and below
  • High speed – 120Hz native WUXGA performance at 24-bit colour
  • Scalable brightness and customisable colour gamut
  • No sub pixels or colour filters
  • Accessories
    • Flexi-redirectors to meet Interpupillary Distance
    • RGB-LED Illuminator Unit
    • Near-To-Eye Viewing Optics

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 Applications (SIM)

   Monocular viewers
   Binocular viewers
   Head mounted displays (HMDs)
   Helmet mounted displays (HMDs)
   Image injection for surgical microscopes
   Image guided surgery (IGS)
   Stereoscopic imaging
   Ophthalmic metrology
   Structured illumination microscopy (SIM)
   Full HD electronic viewfinders (EVFs)
   Native 2K EVFs
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