Forth Dimension Displays technology is based on a proprietary, high-speed, Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal on Silicon (FLCoS) platform. This architecture can have advantages in performance over nematic liquid crystal and MEMS based technologies. As leading innovators in this technology, a substantial portfolio of patents protects our technology.

When combined with our electronics and software expertise, the fast switching liquid crystal enables images to be constructed sequentially in the time domain. Using this approach, all-digital colour and grey scale generation are achieved on one high fill factor pixel matrix. There are no RGB sub-pixels, no separate RGB beams, and no analog conversions to detract from the quality of the image.

Forth Dimension Displays calls this advantage Time Domain Imaging (TDI™)

Our technology is only offered in resolutions where this quality can be appreciated. Our microdisplays have between 1 to 3.1 MPixels with each pixel capable of 24-bit colour at high video frame rates.

The fast switching nature of TDI™ is well-matched and readily compatible with LED or laser illuminators.