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Forth Dimension Displays debut WXGA microdisplay

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Forth Dimension Displays (ForthDD) have given the first public appearance of their much heralded WXGA resolution microdisplay at this years “Laser – World of Photonics” show in Munich, Germany.

With 1280 x 768 pixels and an industry leading full colour pixel fill factor of greater than 96%, ForthDD now have both of the world’s leading near to eye microdisplays (the other is ForthDD’s highly respected SXGA) on their line card.

WXGA microdisplay 530

Microdisplays by their very definition require magnification to realize the true image.  Whilst the very best attributes of a microdisplay are magnified, the worst aspects of the image are also magnified.  Knowing this, emphasis has been placed on the importance of the pixel visibility and to the coverage per pixel of the colour.  Unlike microdisplays which have colour filters, in a ForthDD pixel each colour covers the entirety of the pixel rather than just a fraction.  In the new WXGA microdisplay each colour is shown on more than 96% of the pixel rather than the 20%-23% visible in many other microdisplays.  Couple this with a considerable reduction in chicken wire or screen door effect and you begin to understand why ForthDD has established a position as the world’s leading suppliers of microdisplays into high quality near to eye applications.

Even before the WXGA had its first public viewing, ForthDD had secured three key design-ins for the WXGA with some of the most discerning microdisplay users in Europe, America and Japan.  These applications demanded the best image quality available on the market and there can be no better testament to the image quality that ForthDD’s products provide.

The WXGA is available in the R3-XD, R3 and 3DM configurations for display and non-display applications alike.

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