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Forth Dimension Displays (ForthDD) are proud to announce that EADS Astrium of Toulouse, France have successfully implemented their SXGA microdisplay into their on-ground optical stimulation system for space sensors.

The Star Tracker Optical Stimulator or µSTOS is an item of test equipment that was developed to operate like a dynamic planetarium. The ForthDD microdisplay is used to project real star constellations from star catalogues which are then visualized by the satellite’s heading sensor just like a real sky. This allows EADS Astrium to functionally characterise the star tracker sensors of the satellite and verify the overall functions of the attitude control system ahead of launch.

“EADS Astrium is pleased to say that having chosen Forth Dimension Displays as the microdisplay provider for its new optical stimulators has enabled us to lower the weight by almost a factor 100 while improving the overall performance of the optical imaging system”.

Star Tracker Optical Stimulator

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