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Forth Dimension Displays (ForthDD) provides world class service and support through both our global sales channels and in house sales/application support engineers.

As a company we value good customer support not only as an important way that ForthDD can differentiate itself from its competitors but we realize that our success is built directly on the success of our customers.

To assist with everyday customer support requirements, ForthDD has created a repository of technical information where our valued customers can search and find information which will assist with their design-in and after-sales support. ForthDD called this the “Application Support Centre” or ASC and this can be accessed via a secure log-in portal on the main ForthDD website at www.forthdd.com

Within the Application Support Centre, customers can find product specific and technology generic information including:

• Applications Notes
• User Manuals
• Software, AP codes, and sequences
• Product datasheets
• Mechanical diagrams

Each document will be to the latest revision so customers can be assured of having the most up-to-date information.

Recent additions to the repository include updated applications notes for the SXGA-R3 system as well as a new application note on the RS-232 control protocol for the -3DM interface.

To obtain a secure log-in username and password, please contact ForthDD technical support team at tech-support@forthdd.com.

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