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ForthDD at SID Mid-European Chapter Event in Dresden

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Forth Dimension Displays (ForthDD) are proud to announce their participation in the forthcoming Society for Information Displays Mid European (SID-ME) Chapter Spring Meeting 2010 at the Fraunhofer IMPS in Dresden.

This event which is entitled “Personal Projection and Information Displays: OLED, MEMS and emerging technologies for HMD, HUD, flexible and pico-projectors” will take place between the 18th and 19th of March 2010.

As Europe’s only manufacturer of LCOS microdisplays, ForthDD will be playing an active role in the event with both an exhibition of their world class near-to-eye (NTE) microdisplay solutions along with a technical presentation on the important metrics of microdisplays for professional NTE applications.

Present at the ForthDD exhibit will be products from three of ForthDD’s customers.

EST of Kaiserslautern, Germany will be demonstrating a wide field of view head mounted display from NVIS Inc of Reston, VA, USA. NVIS designs and manufactures virtual reality displays that allow users to visualize and interact with simulated 3D environments. Their products incorporate wide field-of-view optics and high-resolution microdisplays into ergonomically designed displays optimized for comfort and ease-of-use.

Cybermind Interactive Netherlands will showcase their new simulated binocular product. This new system called the Cybermind VB56-SX will feature the ForthDD SXGA resolution microdisplay and 56 degree field of view binocular optics. These high end optronics are placed in a new design of handheld binoculars and can be configured according to the end users need using the programmable buttons. Simulated binoculars are used for: Navy and civil training and simulation, vehicle mounted sight systems, augmented Reality applications. More information is available on www.cybermindnl.com

Further to these new products, ForthDD will be exhibiting their latest WXGA resolution microdisplay in a monocular viewer. With an industry leading 96% fill factor, 1280 x 768 resolution and colour reproduction accurately achieved by ForthDD’s Time Domain Imaging, the WXGA is already the microdisplay of choice for applications where image quality is paramount.

One further exhibit will be the eagerly awaited –R5 interface. Designed with space critical and low power consumption applications in mind, the new –R5 will be of interest to many companies in the military, medical, cinematography and industrial market segments.

In attendance from ForthDD will be Nigel Cartwright (Senior Application Engineer) and Dave Vettese (European Sales Manager).

Mr. Vettese will be presenting a paper entitled “Fundamental Microdisplay Metrics for Near-to-Eye Applications: An analysis of the main features of microdisplays for best practice NTE designs” which will cover the main points to consider when designing a near-to-eye display for professional and high end market needs.

Mr. Cartwright will be available for in-depth technical discussions through out the event. Based in the German applications support office in Berlin, Nigel has experience of design-ins with every ForthDD product and was largely responsible for specifications and design of the ForthDD ASIC through to the SXGA-3DM system.

For further details, or to book an appointment please contact ForthDD sales team at:

Email: sales@forthdd.com
Tel: +44(0)1383 827 950
Web: www.forthdd.com

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