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ForthDD, Hull University and Kingston Chemicals at the Leading Edge of FLC Developments

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Forth Dimension Displays (ForthDD) in partnership with Kingston Chemicals and the University of Hull are pleased to announce their participation in a potentially groundbreaking research program entitled “Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals for Defect Free Displays”.

Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals are fast, binary switching liquid crystals which have found many applications in microdisplay markets such as those serviced by ForthDD’s SXGA and WXGA microdisplay and SLM products. Whilst this liquid crystal is a niche market enabler, it has never been used successfully in larger liquid crystal displays such as the popular flat panel LCDs as found in many high street stores.

The benefits of a fast switching liquid crystal are clear: by switching off the image in periods measured in tens of microseconds, the “ferroelectric” liquid crystal is far faster than the switching of the state of the art “nematic” liquid crystals which generally switch in periods measured in milliseconds. The possible results include a reduction in motion blur artefacts which continue to be the Achilles heel of many consumer LCDs.

While Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal has a long track record of being successfully used in microdisplays, it has always been more difficult to process in large area panels. Once processed into larger panels, the LC alignment quickly degrades and results in optical defects.

To tackle this, Dr. Robert Lewis of the University of Hull (a leading academic institute for liquid crystal research) will investigate the potential of novel smectic C fluoroterphenyl liquid crystals containing terminal carbosilane groups as well as novel FLC mixtures based on these carbosilane fluoroterphenyl compounds. This approach has shown promise in allowing ferroelectric liquid crystals to be processed into larger panels without degradation to allow for “artefact free ferroelectric liquid crystal displays”.

ForthDD is always interested in exploring new Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal materials that might further improve the performance of their world leading products as well as supporting further research in the Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal field. The company is, therefore, pleased to support the University of Hull by providing them with Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal filled test cells and ForthDD’s ability to consistently and accurately process samples of liquid crystal into testable cells will allow for repeatable and consistent measurement of liquid crystal performance.

ForthDD wishes their partners in this exciting project, both the University of Hull and Kingston Chemicals Ltd, every success. We all look forward to seeing Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals being used in displays solutions for every market need.

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