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Forth Dimension Displays leaps ahead of the competition with the most impressive next generation microdisplay

Home News Forth Dimension Displays leaps ahead of the competition with the most impressive next generation microdisplay

Forth Dimension Displays (ForthDD) is thrilled to announce the biggest advance in near-to-eye (NTE) display performance since their SXGA microdisplay revolutionized NTE systems in 2002: ForthDD’s up-coming QXGA microdisplay.  The QXGA microdisplay (2048 x 1536 pixels) leaps ahead of the competition by offering the highest resolution available for NTE applications in the world.

With an industry leading fill factor, no performance detracting sub-pixels or color filters, the QXGA will continue ForthDD’s tradition of enabling the highest performance WFOV applications with scalable illumination supplied by extended color gamut light sources, all with neatly integrated compact, fully digital interfaces.

Utilizing the same time proven reflective fast switching LCOS and all digital TDI™ technologies that has powered all of the high performance HMDs worldwide for the last 8 years, this exciting product will leverage ForthDD’s proven world-leading manufacturing capabilities for high performance premium quality microdisplays, thus enabling immediate availability without disappointing production ramp ups hindered by low yield processes.  Perhaps even more attractively, the QXGA and interface electronics will enter the market at an immediately competitive price.

The features of the new QXGA include a resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels, an aspect ratio of 4:3, and active display area of <0.9” / 22.9mm diagonal and native 24 bit color depth.
A number of targeted applications will benefit from this new masterpiece.  ForthDD expects that the new QXGA display will be quickly incorporated into Wide Field of View Head Mounted Displays (WFOV HMDs) for the Training, Simulation and Educational markets, enabling the design and manufacture of WFOV HMDs which have a spatial resolution of 1.5 arc minutes / per pixel at 100° FOV.  This spatial resolution will match the visual acuity of the average human eye and will further blur the boundary between virtual environments and reality.

This WFOV will be groundbreaking and achieved without optical tiling of multiple low resolution microdisplays.  Engaging the peripheral vision via an extended higher definition field of view will improve the situational awareness and therefore increase the ability to replicate reality. The ForthDD QXGA is the only microdisplay which has been publicly announced that will enable an immersive (>100° FOV) HMD with no resolvable pixel structure.

Additional applications will include Full HD and 2K electronic viewfinders for cameras and surveillance systems with an abundance of space available on the display, above and below the Full HD window for high performance On Screen Displays (OSDs).

ForthDD’s plan for the QXGA is to have it qualified and shipping out to customers in 2012.
For more information on this revolutionary new product, please come and speak to us at I/ITSEC booth number 1772 or contact sales@forthdd.com

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