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Forth Dimension Displays demonstrates SXGA–R5 microdisplay

Home News Forth Dimension Displays demonstrates SXGA–R5 microdisplay

TAUNTON, Mass, April 26, 2011 – Forth Dimension Displays (FDD), a wholly owned subsidiary of Kopin Corporation (Nasdaq: KOPN), announces the demonstration of their recently launched SXGA-R5 microdisplay solution, from today through Thursday at the Defense, Security and Sensing 2011 Symposium in Orlando, Florida.

The Symposium is sponsored by the Society for Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE), an international organization advancing the science and application of light.

The SXGA-R5 microdisplay, a 0.88” reflective LCOS micro-display, is the latest generation in FDD’s family of high-performance 1280×1024 displays and is ideally suited for applications such as high-end training, simulation and medical systems. The SXGA-R5 also sports an advanced interface which significantly reduces control circuit size while providing stunning image quality. FDD will be exhibiting the SXGA-R5 in booth #400 along side Kopins’ transmissive SXGA solutions.

“We are delighted with the market response to the launch of the SXGA-R5,” stated Greg Truman, President and CEO of Forth Dimension Displays. “Early adopters throughout Scandinavia, France and the USA have successfully integrated the SXGA-R5 into cutting edge new products within the scientific and ophthalmic diagnosis fields.”

Recently acquired by the Kopin Corporation, FDD has combined forces with Kopin in an effort to address a broader range of market opportunities. “The AMLCD display is by far the most reliable and advanced display technology available today,” stated Dr. John C. C Fan, president and CEO of Kopin Corporation. “FDD’s reflective display technology offers a complimentary solution to our transmissive approach and is well suited for projection applications and products requiring ultra-high brightness.”

“With a footprint nearly one quarter the size of the SXGA-R3, the SXGA-R5 is not only more versatile, but its added functionality provides for the utmost in imaging quality in a lower power, cost effective display,” stated David Vettese, European Sales Manager for Forth Dimension Displays. “With this compact form factor and increased performance, we are now targeting applications in the defense, security and industrial markets, and this is a great opportunity to showcase the device at one of SPIE’s most prestigious events.”

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