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Forth Dimension Displays highly visible at ITEC 2011

Home News Forth Dimension Displays highly visible at ITEC 2011

Europe’s leading military training and simulation event, ITEC 2011 held in Cologne, Germany earlier this month, was a highly successful event for Forth Dimension Displays (ForthDD) where a number of its customers showed cutting edge near-to-eye (NTE) display systems in various simulation environments using the ForthDD microdisplay.

Head mounted displays from Rockwell Collins Optronics (RCO), Cybermind and NVIS were very prominent on the trade show floor, as well as simulation binoculars from both Cybermind and NVIS.

Highlights included (but were not limited to):

• Rheinmetall, Germany: A.N.T.Ares reconfigurable flight simulator and ground soldier trainer utilising the Cybermind Visette 45 head mounted display
• EST, Germany: resellers for NVIS and Cybermind, showing the NVIS SX111 head mounted display and Cybermind simulation binoculars.
• Thales, Germany: NVIS simulated binoculars for forward observation training.
• Cassidian, Germany: head mounted display from Rockwell Collins Optronics for dismounted soldier simulations and NVIS simulation binoculars
• Virtalis, UK: resellers for NVIS, Virtalis showcased the NVIS MX60 and SX60 head mounted displays.
• Meggitt, Netherlands: NVIS SX60 head mounted display for the JTAC trainer

Ursula Posch, Marketing and Communications Manager for ForthDD commented “The European Military Training and Simulation environment is by far one of our largest markets. This soon becomes apparent through the strong performance of our customers NVIS, RCO and Cybermind, all of whom we have supported with our highly successful SXGA resolution Liquid Crystal on Silicon microdisplay which can be seen within all these high performance near-to-eye display systems. Not only does our best-in-class image quality ensure that the user is trained within the very highest of fidelity simulation, but we can also show greater than 9 years supply into this market ensuring that our customers can be supported in these products which require long life cycles.”

For more information on the ForthDD product range, please contact us at sales@forthdd.com or call +44 (0) 1383 827 950.

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