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Kopin and Its Subsidiary Forth Dimension Displays Introduce Replicating Reality™

Home News Kopin and Its Subsidiary Forth Dimension Displays Introduce Replicating Reality™

Taunton, Mass, May 31, 2011 — Forth Dimension Displays (FDD), a leading provider of display components for fighter jet and helicopter simulators, and subsidiary of Kopin Corporation, will introduce Replicating Reality™.

Replicating Reality is a new concept to create the ultimate experience by making the user feel fully immersed in a different world or hyper-reality. Initially aiming at the gaming industry, Replicating Reality will be showcased at the E3 Gaming Conference (www.e3expo.com) to be held at the Los Angeles Convention Center (June 7-9, Booth #2962) and at IVR Expo at the Tokyo International Exhibition Center (June 22-24, Booth #24-39).

When asked to describe Replicating Reality, Greg Truman, CEO of FDD commented, “Our vision is to deliver a display where the user will be unable to tell the difference from reality. The wide field of view, very high resolution microdisplays and head tracking all contribute to a feeling of total immersion in the virtual world. We can build systems where the field of view, the resolution and colors are exactly the same as you see in the real world.”

Replicating Reality will be showcased through the use of a fully immersive 3D Head Mounted Display (HMD) demonstrator which enables the gamer to experience car racing as if driving on a real racing track. This demonstration for a product concept is designed to be both thought provoking and suggestive. The concept has few limitations for which applications it could be used, leaving the mind to ponder what the future really holds for the entertainment industry.

The website www.replicatingreality.com has been created to promote the concept. This focuses on Gaming, Entertainment, Education and Design as key potential markets, but the FDD team is looking for alternative applications and experiences that this technology could enable. For more information on Replicating Reality, please contact FDD at info@replicatingreality.com.

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