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Replicating Reality ™ leaves its mark at E3 Expo

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The words on everyone’s lips…

Replicating Reality ™, the virtual reality concept intended to revolutionise the consumer entertainment industry, got off to a good start at the E3 Expo earlier this month. The demonstration system is now en route to IVR, a Virtual Reality, Gaming and 3D metrology show in Tokyo (Jun 22-24) where it’s hoped to repeat the previous success.

The team behind Replicating Reality ™, Forth Dimensions Displays (ForthDD) was pleased with the number of attendees the stand attracted, as well as the response received. Their public relations campaign proved to be successful since the objective of creating a buzz within the industry was certainly achieved. The company and the concept gained some great coverage across the globe, indicating that virtual reality is the direction in which today’s gamers want the industry to go. To top it all off, not only was Replicating Reality™ picked up by BBC news, but the story most popular news item on the BBC News website on the day of broadcast.

Ursula Posch, Marketing and Communications Manager at Forth Dimensions Displays said, ‘We are absolutely delighted with the popularity of this experience, many of those who visited the stand said they had been waiting for something like this for years. At this stage we are ideally seeking to partner with a major player in the gaming industry who can provide the right expertise to take this project forward to the next level.’

ForthDD, a wholly owned subsidiary of Kopin Corporation, is the world’s leading supplier of high resolution microdisplays for Near-To-Eye (NTE) applications. The company’s experience supplying displays for high-performance training and virtual reality head-mounted displays (HMDs) under-pinned the development of the Replicating Reality™ concept which is demonstrated through a fully immersive 3D HMD. The E3 demonstration enabled the user to experience motor racing in a new way, as if driving on a real racetrack. This concept has been designed with a number of potential application areas in mind, it is not restricted simply to the gaming industry. The Replicating Reality™ concept and demonstration has been developed to give the mind the opportunity to ponder as to what the future really holds for the entertainment industry.

For more information on Replicating Reality™ come and speak to ForthDD at IVR 3D and Virtual Reality Expo, booth #24-39. ForthDD will be present at the show from June 22-24, 2011 at Tokyo International Exhibition Center.

Alternatively, if you are not able to make the show and you are looking for more information, please contact us at info@replicatingreality.com or visit our website www.replicatingreality.com

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