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IMMERSE YOURSELF – Exclusive Invitation

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Immerse yourself  – Tuesday 27th September (12.30 – 5pm)
The National Museum of Scotland, Chambers Street, Edinburgh. EH1 1JF.

The team behind Replicating Reality™ invite you and your colleagues to come to our seminar on virtual reality where Replicating Reality™ will be unveiled for the first time in the UK. Forth Dimension Displays, the world’s leading supplier of high resolution microdisplays recently developed a fully immersive, stereoscopic, head-tracked, 3D Head Mounted Display (HMD) demonstration using a driving game to showcase the concept that is Replicating Reality™.

The demonstration already received a very exciting response from both the international consumer gaming market and media after launching at E3 Expo in Los Angeles and IVR in Tokyo.

Replicating Reality creates the ultimate entertainment experience, making the user feel like they are really there. Offering full immersion in a compelling realistic different world, Replicating Reality truly holds the key to a revolutionary and exciting new experience.

Introduced by our CEO, Greg Truman, this seminar will give delegates the opportunity to try out the demonstration for themselves and learn more about our technology. Key note speakers will include Professor Ian Underwood, a leading expert in microdisplay technology and its many applications and Don McIntyre, a well-known veteran of the 3D graphics industry.

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