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Forth Dimension Displays continues to add new programs in Military Training and Simulation

Home News Forth Dimension Displays continues to add new programs in Military Training and Simulation

Forth Dimension Displays (ForthDD) continues to support our customers and expand our business in the military training and simulation sector. 2011 has been a particularly good year for the generation of new business. ForthDD’s TDI™ technology is already used across the U.S. Army’s helicopter units and has recently been deployed in the first NCM3 (Non-rated Crew Member Manned Module) HMD units.

Our close co-operation with NVIS Inc. (www.nvisinc.com) has also resulted in ForthDD SXGA microdisplays being used in simulated weapon sights within advanced tank gunnery training systems supplied by Lockheed Martin.

From 28th November till 1st December ForthDD will, once again, be exhibiting at the I/ITSEC show (Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference) in Orlando, FL.

Alongside its own demonstrations, ForthDD will be showing Davin Optronics’ monocular display module. This module is designed to simulate the sights in armoured fighting vehicles and similar optical systems. The module features ForthDD’s SXGA (1280 x 1024 pixels), full color, liquid crystal on silicon display combined with Davin’s custom designed, multi-layer coated optics. The module is available from Davin as a standard product or can be customized as required.

ForthDD’s most exciting new development, due to enter production in 2012, is the QXGA microdisplay. This product will dramatically enhance the training experience, offering the highest resolution of any microdisplay in the world for Near To Eye (NTE) systems.

The ForthDD QXGA is the only NTE microdisplay of its resolution to be publicly announced and will enable customers to offer immersive (>100° FOV) HMDs with no resolvable pixel structure. The ForthDD team at I/ITSEC will be happy to discuss the development and production launch of the QXGA display, which has already been selected for use in some high profile training systems.

With selection of its products for leading programs in both the US and Europe, ForthDD continues to show that it is the ‘technology of choice’ where Wide Field of View (WFOV) HMDs are concerned.

ForthDD welcomes enquiries from both potential customers and the media. I/ITSEC is at the Orange County Convention Center on International Drive, Orlando, Florida from 28 Nov 11 – 1 Dec 11. ForthDD’s booth is #2919.

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