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Cyber-I: The First SXGA Resolution Optical See-Through Monocular Head Mounted Displays

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Forth Dimension Displays (ForthDD) is delighted to announce that its Netherlands based customer, Cybermind Interactive, is using the ForthDD SXGA microdisplay in their latest product: the Cyber-I. Cyber-I is the first SXGA resolution optical see-through monocular head mounted display to feature a fixed camera option and a 50 degrees Field of View. This product was very well received at its first public showing at I/ITSEC 2011 in Orlando FL, the world’s largest military training and simulation conference.

This device is compatible with HMDI inputs (for example, from smartphones or tablets) and Cybermind considers it to be the optimal solution for hands-free applications for the homeland security and defence, medical industries and maintenance and logistics markets.

In the near future, Cybermind will introduce a binocular version of the Cyber-I and a custom made lightweight battery pack with a fully integrated wearable PC. For this product they will also be using ForthDD as the supplier of the microdisplay component.

Mark De Jong stated ‘ForthDD have been a valued partner of Cybermind Interactive for nearly 7 years now. Throughout that time not only have ForthDD provided the world’s leading microdisplay for near-to-eye display solutions to our Visette 45 HMD, but they have also been supporting us technically and commercially with encouraging and timely product and market information. The SXGA microdisplay has been a solid platform to develop new products on and we look forward to 2012 with our new and existing display products and also look further to the future with the potential to be one of ForthDD’s first customers to use the QXGA resolution microdisplay’.

Greg Truman, CEO at ForthDD followed with, ‘We are delighted to continue to work closely with Cybermind as they launch new products. We believe the Cyber-I to be entering an exciting new market segment and will capitalise on the interest we are seeing from customers looking for ergonomic, see-through displays with the excellent visual performance enabled by our high resolution, TDI microdisplays.’

ForthDD’s most exciting new microdisplay development, due to enter production in 2012, is the QXGA microdisplay. This product will dramatically enhance the training experience by offering the highest resolution of any microdisplay in the world for Near To Eye (NTE) systems. The ForthDD QXGA is the only NTE microdisplay of its resolution to be publicly announced and will enable customers to offer immersive (>100° FOV) HMDs with no resolvable pixel structure. The microdisplay has already been selected for use in some high profile, high performance training systems.

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