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Forth Dimension Displays launches feature rich daughterboard for QXGA-R9

Home News Forth Dimension Displays launches feature rich daughterboard for QXGA-R9

The QXGA-R9 microdisplay (2048 x 1536 pixels) from Forth Dimension Displays is good for more than just delivering high resolution, high quality video. For example, it can also be used to show complex binary images at fast frame rates. When applications require additional features such as synchronisation with cameras or custom illumination modules, the new M155 daughter board makes it easy to integrate them with a QXGA-R9.

The M155 add-on daughterboard expands the functionality of the standard QXGA-R9 system by providing a feature rich set of synchronisation ports for real-time system operation. M155 synchronisation outputs include V-Sync and the frame identification signal (Frame ID) which is asserted when the active image has been tagged. The outputs support standard TTL or 50 Ohm drive. The M155 also provides 1080p tri-level synchronisation for synchronisation of video cameras. In addition to the synchronisation outputs, there is a 3-channel current driver (1.0A per channel) for driving tri-colour LED illuminator modules and electrically isolated timing enable outputs. The frame repeat function allows the user to display the active frame for as long as the Frame Repeat input is asserted. The M155 also includes a display thermal management function.

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