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Forth Dimension Displays microdisplays support US Army training program

Home News Forth Dimension Displays microdisplays support US Army training program

Forth Dimension Displays (ForthDD) is pleased to announce its high resolution microdisplays have enabled the US Army’s Flight School XXI program to surpass 200,000 hours of aircrew training.

The SXGA resolution microdisplays are integrated into L-3 Link Simulation & Training’s Operational Flight Trainers (OFTs) and Reconfigurable Collective Training Devices (RCTDs). These training devices are operating at 99.5 percent availability thus reinforcing ForthDD’s reputation as a global leader and supplier of displays to the industry. ForthDD powers over 97% of the US Army’s HMDs used for aircrew Training, Simulation and Mission Rehearsal.

The SXGA microdisplay has been optimised to deliver the best image quality in the most demanding HMD applications where fast moving imagery is displayed across a wide field of view with precise head tracking. High resolution (1280 x 1024 pixels) images are delivered to users with a high (96%) fill factor leading to crisp life-like imagery and the fast response of the display eliminates image blur. ForthDD is looking forward to working with our customer’s to upgrade existing HMDs to QXGA resolution and providing “retinal class” image quality for the US Armed Forces Training and Simulation needs.

Flight School XXI, recognized as the largest simulated helicopter  training program in the world, is managed and operated by CSC. L-3 Link is the largest supplier of flight simulators to the program.

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