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Super Resolution Microscopy (Nanoscopy)

Super Resolution Microscopy is a measurement technique which involves the projection of structured laser light onto a biological sample with fluorescent markers allowing resolution of structures below the Abbé limit of 200 nm. Many different techniques have now been developed.

For example, in Light Sheet Microscopy, the light grating structure combines with the sample structure to produce Moiré patterns. Use of multiple grating patterns in different orientations, along with analysis algorithms, increases the resolution of the microscope beyond the standard diffraction limit.

Forth Dimension Displays spatial light modulators are ideal for producing fully reconfigurable grating patterns which can be cycled through at kHz speed. This offers greater flexibility to the measurement system and a reduction of the sample measurement time.

Recognising the benefits of the increased resolution in leading edge imaging techniques, the first production shipment of a QXGA-3DM was sent to its established customer Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) for use by Nobel Prize for Chemistry 2014 winner Dr. Eric Betzig’s team. Lattice light sheet (LLS) microscopy, a new imaging platform developed at Janelia Farm, allows biologists to see 3-D images of subcellular activity in real time.

The use of ForthDD’s SLM has extended to a number of imaging techniques: TIRF, SPIM, SMLM, Scanning, RIM. Please check the growing list of papers at the end of this tutorial.

Also the generation of Vortex beams is possible with Forth Dimension Displays binary SLM which are useful for Super Resolution Microscopy, particularly in STED technology.

This item is critical to our funded research, and Forth Dimension Displays’ product is unique.
John Kozub, BioPhotonics/FEL Center, Vanderbilt University

Outdoor Applications: Extended Temperature Range

The SXGA M349 offers an extended temperature range for storage and operating. Fielded applications as viewers with long life time have now become a possibility enabling the replacement of CRT. Commercially available CRT replacement units with a variety of image dimensions are available from NVIS based in Reston, Virginia, USA.

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