New staff to enhance customer support

Two new members of staff will help Forth Dimension Displays (ForthDD) enhance the support it provides to its customer: Dr. Henning Molsen and Mr. Liam Hail.

Dr. Henning Molsen has joined as the company’s new Director of Sales for the EMEA region. Henning has a PhD in FLC from the Technical University of Berlin and has spent the last 10 years at Sharp doing technical sales/marketing of LCDs to the automotive and consumer markets. He will be based out of the ForthDD sales / customer support office in Adlershof, Berlin and will be responsible for ForthDD’s sales activities across the whole EMEA region. To contact Henning email

Liam Hail is a new addition to the ForthDD Applications Engineering team. Working from ForthDD’s microdisplay development and manufacturing facility in Dalgety Bay, Fife, Scotland, he will be supporting new and existing customers through product design, development and production. With ForthDD Liam will be building on his previous experience working with Airbus, Safran, Wolfson and others. To contact Liam email

Forth Dimension Displays Celebrates 10 Years of Supplying SXGA Microdisplays at SPIE: Defense, Security and Sensing

Forth Dimension Displays (ForthDD), proudly celebrates 10 years of continuous and uninterrupted supply of their industry-leading SXGA resolution microdisplay at the SPIE: Defense, Security and Sensing (DSS) 2012 Symposium in Baltimore, MD (booth #1106) from April 24 to 26.

The ForthDD TDITM SXGA microdisplay is recognised as one of the world’s most widely used solutions for high performance near-to-eye applications such as wide field of view head mounted displays. This popularity is largely achieved by ForthDD delivering the highest levels of image quality and video performance, while ensuring long term availability for customer design-ins.

Greg Truman, CEO of ForthDD commented, “After ten years, we are delighted to still be working with all the customers where we achieved early design-ins. This is testament to my dedicated colleagues who have worked closely with our customers ensuring they can use our products with ease. We are all looking forward to the next ten years helping our customers grow and become even more successful.”

While ForthDD’s TDITM microdisplays are expected to maintain their position as the first choice for high fidelity near-to-eye display applications, ForthDD also expects to find new applications in diverse non-display applications where image quality differentiators, product reliability and supply security are of paramount importance.

Testimonials from current customers:

‘We founded our company in 2002 based on the nascent SXGA display from the company we now know as FDD. We took a big risk starting a manufacturing company in a niche industry, but FDD treated us like a partner with an outstanding product, backed by unsurpassed support. The products we built with the FDD microdisplay received immediate praise from customers who were amazed that a head-mounted display can look better than a desktop monitor. We continue to use the SXGA microdisplay today in new development for products requiring uncompromising support, reliability, and image quality.’
Mark Foglia, CEO, NVIS Inc.

“In 2010 ARRI introduced its groundbreaking Alexa digital camera system, which quickly went on to become an industry standard for feature, commercial and episodic television productions. The camera features a high quality electronic viewfinder that ARRI designed around FDD’s WXGA F-LCOS display. With the support of FDD’s technical team, a product was created to match the imaging performance of the camera. Since its introduction, over 2000 Alexas have been sold and customer response has proven that the chosen concept was the right one. As DoP Bill Bennett, ASC remarked at the recent nab show: “In my use of the Alexa over the past year and a half, I have found that the viewfinder is bright, sharp, color accurate, and easy to judge focus.”
Michael Koppetz, Senior Engineer, ARRI.

‘With the disappearance of CRTs and the slow switching of standard LCD displays that replaced them, the FLCOS SXGA by FDD became the perfect solution for our biomedical application. The versatility of this novel technology allows us to develop new applications for research and clinic which are not possible with other devices.’
Erica Sutter, CEO, EDI.

‘We particularly appreciate the ongoing technical and commercial assistance we receive from ForthDD, the availability of ForthDD services and constant willingness to help us in finding solutions.’
Philippe Vidal, Project Manager, EADS Astrium.

Cyber-I: The First SXGA Resolution Optical See-Through Monocular Head Mounted Displays

Forth Dimension Displays (ForthDD) is delighted to announce that its Netherlands based customer, Cybermind Interactive, is using the ForthDD SXGA microdisplay in their latest product: the Cyber-I. Cyber-I is the first SXGA resolution optical see-through monocular head mounted display to feature a fixed camera option and a 50 degrees Field of View. This product was very well received at its first public showing at I/ITSEC 2011 in Orlando FL, the world’s largest military training and simulation conference.

This device is compatible with HMDI inputs (for example, from smartphones or tablets) and Cybermind considers it to be the optimal solution for hands-free applications for the homeland security and defence, medical industries and maintenance and logistics markets.

In the near future, Cybermind will introduce a binocular version of the Cyber-I and a custom made lightweight battery pack with a fully integrated wearable PC. For this product they will also be using ForthDD as the supplier of the microdisplay component.

Mark De Jong stated ‘ForthDD have been a valued partner of Cybermind Interactive for nearly 7 years now. Throughout that time not only have ForthDD provided the world’s leading microdisplay for near-to-eye display solutions to our Visette 45 HMD, but they have also been supporting us technically and commercially with encouraging and timely product and market information. The SXGA microdisplay has been a solid platform to develop new products on and we look forward to 2012 with our new and existing display products and also look further to the future with the potential to be one of ForthDD’s first customers to use the QXGA resolution microdisplay’.

Greg Truman, CEO at ForthDD followed with, ‘We are delighted to continue to work closely with Cybermind as they launch new products. We believe the Cyber-I to be entering an exciting new market segment and will capitalise on the interest we are seeing from customers looking for ergonomic, see-through displays with the excellent visual performance enabled by our high resolution, TDI microdisplays.’

ForthDD’s most exciting new microdisplay development, due to enter production in 2012, is the QXGA microdisplay. This product will dramatically enhance the training experience by offering the highest resolution of any microdisplay in the world for Near To Eye (NTE) systems. The ForthDD QXGA is the only NTE microdisplay of its resolution to be publicly announced and will enable customers to offer immersive (>100° FOV) HMDs with no resolvable pixel structure. The microdisplay has already been selected for use in some high profile, high performance training systems.

Forth Dimension Displays continues to add new programs in Military Training and Simulation

Forth Dimension Displays (ForthDD) continues to support our customers and expand our business in the military training and simulation sector. 2011 has been a particularly good year for the generation of new business. ForthDD’s TDI™ technology is already used across the U.S. Army’s helicopter units and has recently been deployed in the first NCM3 (Non-rated Crew Member Manned Module) HMD units.

Our close co-operation with NVIS Inc. ( has also resulted in ForthDD SXGA microdisplays being used in simulated weapon sights within advanced tank gunnery training systems supplied by Lockheed Martin.

From 28th November till 1st December ForthDD will, once again, be exhibiting at the I/ITSEC show (Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference) in Orlando, FL.

Alongside its own demonstrations, ForthDD will be showing Davin Optronics’ monocular display module. This module is designed to simulate the sights in armoured fighting vehicles and similar optical systems. The module features ForthDD’s SXGA (1280 x 1024 pixels), full color, liquid crystal on silicon display combined with Davin’s custom designed, multi-layer coated optics. The module is available from Davin as a standard product or can be customized as required.

ForthDD’s most exciting new development, due to enter production in 2012, is the QXGA microdisplay. This product will dramatically enhance the training experience, offering the highest resolution of any microdisplay in the world for Near To Eye (NTE) systems.

The ForthDD QXGA is the only NTE microdisplay of its resolution to be publicly announced and will enable customers to offer immersive (>100° FOV) HMDs with no resolvable pixel structure. The ForthDD team at I/ITSEC will be happy to discuss the development and production launch of the QXGA display, which has already been selected for use in some high profile training systems.

With selection of its products for leading programs in both the US and Europe, ForthDD continues to show that it is the ‘technology of choice’ where Wide Field of View (WFOV) HMDs are concerned.

ForthDD welcomes enquiries from both potential customers and the media. I/ITSEC is at the Orange County Convention Center on International Drive, Orlando, Florida from 28 Nov 11 – 1 Dec 11. ForthDD’s booth is #2919.

Forth Dimension Displays at the National Museum of Scotland

Chambers Street in Edinburgh came alive last week in celebration of the re-opening of the National Museum of Scotland.

The street was transformed with dancers, drummers and a dinosaur to boot and the launch evening, a huge success. Just some of the highlights shown in the new part of the museum include Scottish history, The Natural World and the new Art & Industry gallery.

The team at Forth Dimension Displays (ForthDD) were delighted to attend the special open evening, having gifted a fully immersive Visette45ST Head Mounted Display (HMD) through Dutch company, Cybermind. Traditionally used for military training and medical applications, offering therapy for burns victims and alternative treatment for sufferers with severe phobias, the HMD now takes pride of place and can be found on level 1 of the museum. The near-to-eye (NTE) microdisplay technology which enables this Head Mounted Display to function was supplied by ForthDD.

The development of new technologies and new materials has always had a great influence on the way in which products are designed and made. This gallery explores applications from the most innovative technologies, materials and methods of manufacture often combined with traditional skills, from 1850 to the present day. ForthDD most recently launched a full immersive virtual reality concept in the U.S. called Replicating Reality.

Please feel free to visit the museum and see our displays for yourself. The address is: Museum of Scotland, Chambers Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1JF.

In the mean time, should you have any enquiries on how ForthDD could assist you with your microdisplay needs, please contact

Kopin and Its Subsidiary Forth Dimension Displays Introduce Replicating Reality™

Taunton, Mass, May 31, 2011 — Forth Dimension Displays (FDD), a leading provider of display components for fighter jet and helicopter simulators, and subsidiary of Kopin Corporation, will introduce Replicating Reality™.

Replicating Reality is a new concept to create the ultimate experience by making the user feel fully immersed in a different world or hyper-reality. Initially aiming at the gaming industry, Replicating Reality will be showcased at the E3 Gaming Conference ( to be held at the Los Angeles Convention Center (June 7-9, Booth #2962) and at IVR Expo at the Tokyo International Exhibition Center (June 22-24, Booth #24-39).

When asked to describe Replicating Reality, Greg Truman, CEO of FDD commented, “Our vision is to deliver a display where the user will be unable to tell the difference from reality. The wide field of view, very high resolution microdisplays and head tracking all contribute to a feeling of total immersion in the virtual world. We can build systems where the field of view, the resolution and colors are exactly the same as you see in the real world.”

Replicating Reality will be showcased through the use of a fully immersive 3D Head Mounted Display (HMD) demonstrator which enables the gamer to experience car racing as if driving on a real racing track. This demonstration for a product concept is designed to be both thought provoking and suggestive. The concept has few limitations for which applications it could be used, leaving the mind to ponder what the future really holds for the entertainment industry.

The website has been created to promote the concept. This focuses on Gaming, Entertainment, Education and Design as key potential markets, but the FDD team is looking for alternative applications and experiences that this technology could enable. For more information on Replicating Reality, please contact FDD at


Tiny microdisplays are revolutionising optics with high resolution images that are mirrored directly in front of the eye. Viewers feel they are in the thick of the action, and especially pilots will appreciate the benefits in flight simulations.

The secret market leader in this field is the Scottish company Forth Dimension Displays. “Big is beautiful” is the motto when it comes to displays, yet what holds true for consumers, turns into the very opposite for scientific and engineering applications. Instead, true adepts in their fields extract the maximum out of miniaturised monitors – like the Adlershof subsidiary of the Scottish company Forth Dimension Displays.

The company conjures brilliant images from displays that wouldn’t even cover a postage stamp.

The trick: magnifying optics integrated in special goggles, so called head mounted displays (HMDs), mirror the images directly in front of the eye, giving rise to a realism that has brought customers running to Forth Dimension, above all providers of training and simulation systems and imaging techniques in medical engineering, measurement technologies and film production, including the ARRI Group and EADS Astrium N.V. A great many flight simulations are equipped with these microdisplays, and surgeons can pop open MRT images before their eyes while they are operating.

But why the “forth dimension” for this so called near to eye (NTE) technology? Nigel Cartwright, Managing Development Engineer, laughed: “It’s a play on words. On the one hand, our head office in Scotland is on the river Forth, and on the other we interpret time to be the fourth dimension.”

And time is essential for this new technology. At its heart are special liquid crystals, so called liquid crystals on silicon (LCOS), used to make up the displays. LCOS reflect light at great speed.

Not only that, the material allows Forth Dimension to depict the whole colour spectrum on only the one pixel in the image – circumventing the usual procedure of distributing red, green and blue light over a number of pixels.

The result is high resolution display build up. “We are the world market leader in the field of high resolution NTE displays,” added Cartwright. “Our key market is Europe, above all here in Germany.” Adlershof was therefore ideal owing to its central location.

“Moreover, we’re hoping to cooperate with research institutes,” he emphasised. Incidentally, the displays do full justice to a peculiar Scottish discipline: They’re not only miserly in size, but also in energy consumption. by Chris Löwer


Kopin Acquires European Manufacturer of Reflective Microdisplays

TAUNTON, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Building on its leadership in full-colour microdisplay technology for high-performance applications, Kopin Corporation (NASDAQ: KOPN) today announced that it has acquired all of the outstanding common stock of Scotland-based Forth Dimension Displays Ltd. (FDD), an industry leading provider of all-digital, ultrahigh-resolution, near-to-eye ferroelectric reflective microdisplays.

The purchase price was approximately $11 million in cash plus an earnout provision if certain revenue milestones are reached within one year of the purchase date.

“Our acquisition of FDD opens new market opportunities for Kopin and expands our product offerings to our customers,” said Kopin President and Chief Executive Officer Dr. John C.C. Fan. “FDD’s ultrahigh-resolution reflective microdisplay is already used extensively within a variety of applications such as high-performance cinematography, training and simulation, 3D metrology and medical imaging. Its proprietary Time Domain Imaging (TDI™) technology provides beautiful high-resolution, full-colour images that are critical for these high-end applications. Kopin is the leading transmissive microdisplay company in the world, and with this acquisition we will be the only microdisplay manufacturer that can offer complete system solutions with either reflective or transmissive liquid crystal display technologies,” Dr. Fan continued. “We are delighted to welcome the company’s employees to the Kopin family.”

Greg Truman, Chief Executive Officer of FDD, said, “FDD has enjoyed a very successful 2010 with design wins with several high-performance cinematography camera manufacturers. FDD is delighted to become part of Kopin, and we look forward to contributing our technology expertise to new product applications and markets.”

FDD had approximately $6 million of revenue in 2010 and Kopin projects that FDD will be accretive to 2011 earnings. All of FDD’s key employees have agreed to join Kopin.

About Kopin

Kopin Corporation’s voice-activated, wireless, hands-free Golden-i® mobile computing headsets, power-efficient, ultra-small liquid crystal displays, and heterojunction bipolar transistors (HBTs) are revolutionising the way people around the world see, hear and communicate. Kopin has shipped more than 30 million displays for a range of consumer and military applications including digital cameras, personal video eyewear, camcorders, thermal weapon sights and night vision systems. The innovative Golden-i computing headsets are generating strong interest in industrial, medical, military, homeland security and utility applications. The Company’s unique HBTs, which help to enhance battery life, talk time and signal clarity, have been integrated into billions of wireless handsets as well as into WiFi, VoIP and high-speed Internet data transmission systems. Kopin’s proprietary display, Golden-i and III-V technologies are protected by more than 200 global patents and patents pending. For more information, please visit Kopin’s website at

Forth Dimension Displays is a Finalist for the 2010 Red Herring 100 Global Award

Forth Dimension Displays announced today it has been selected as a finalist for Red Herring’s top 100 Global award, a prestigious list honoring the year’s most promising private technology ventures. The Red Herring editorial team selected the most innovative companies from a pool of 1200 companies from across the world.

The nominees are evaluated on both quantitative and qualitative criteria, such as financial performance, technology innovation, quality of management, execution of strategy, and integration into their respective industries.

This unique assessment of potential is complemented by a review of the actual track record and standing of a company, which allows Red Herring to see past the “buzz” and make the list an important instrument for discovering and advocating the greatest business opportunities in the industry.

“2010 was very difficult but extremely rewarding”, said Alex Vieux, publisher and CEO of Red Herring. “Despite lingering effects of the global economic situation, there are many great companies producing truly innovative and amazing technologies, to the extent that we had a hard time narrowing the pool and selecting the finalists. ForthDD shows great promise therefore deserves to be among the Finalists. Now we’re faced with the difficult task of selecting the Winners of the Top 100 Global Award.”

Finalists for the award are selected based upon their technological innovation, management strength, market size, investor record, customer acquisition, and financial health. During the several months leading up to the announcement, hundreds of companies in spaces such as mobile, security, Web 2.0, software, hardware, biotech, and clean tech sent in their submissions to qualify for the award.

The Top 100 winners will be announced at a special awards ceremony on January 26.

Forth Dimension Displays leaps ahead of the competition with the most impressive next generation microdisplay

Forth Dimension Displays (ForthDD) is thrilled to announce the biggest advance in near-to-eye (NTE) display performance since their SXGA microdisplay revolutionized NTE systems in 2002: ForthDD’s up-coming QXGA microdisplay.  The QXGA microdisplay (2048 x 1536 pixels) leaps ahead of the competition by offering the highest resolution available for NTE applications in the world.

With an industry leading fill factor, no performance detracting sub-pixels or color filters, the QXGA will continue ForthDD’s tradition of enabling the highest performance WFOV applications with scalable illumination supplied by extended color gamut light sources, all with neatly integrated compact, fully digital interfaces.

Utilizing the same time proven reflective fast switching LCOS and all digital TDI™ technologies that has powered all of the high performance HMDs worldwide for the last 8 years, this exciting product will leverage ForthDD’s proven world-leading manufacturing capabilities for high performance premium quality microdisplays, thus enabling immediate availability without disappointing production ramp ups hindered by low yield processes.  Perhaps even more attractively, the QXGA and interface electronics will enter the market at an immediately competitive price.

The features of the new QXGA include a resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels, an aspect ratio of 4:3, and active display area of <0.9” / 22.9mm diagonal and native 24 bit color depth.
A number of targeted applications will benefit from this new masterpiece.  ForthDD expects that the new QXGA display will be quickly incorporated into Wide Field of View Head Mounted Displays (WFOV HMDs) for the Training, Simulation and Educational markets, enabling the design and manufacture of WFOV HMDs which have a spatial resolution of 1.5 arc minutes / per pixel at 100° FOV.  This spatial resolution will match the visual acuity of the average human eye and will further blur the boundary between virtual environments and reality.

This WFOV will be groundbreaking and achieved without optical tiling of multiple low resolution microdisplays.  Engaging the peripheral vision via an extended higher definition field of view will improve the situational awareness and therefore increase the ability to replicate reality. The ForthDD QXGA is the only microdisplay which has been publicly announced that will enable an immersive (>100° FOV) HMD with no resolvable pixel structure.

Additional applications will include Full HD and 2K electronic viewfinders for cameras and surveillance systems with an abundance of space available on the display, above and below the Full HD window for high performance On Screen Displays (OSDs).

ForthDD’s plan for the QXGA is to have it qualified and shipping out to customers in 2012.
For more information on this revolutionary new product, please come and speak to us at I/ITSEC booth number 1772 or contact