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ASC ForthDD Now Open for Business

Forth Dimension Displays (ForthDD) provides world class service and support through both our global sales channels and in house sales/application support engineers.

As a company we value good customer support not only as an important way that ForthDD can differentiate itself from its competitors but we realize that our success is built directly on the success of our customers.

To assist with everyday customer support requirements, ForthDD has created a repository of technical information where our valued customers can search and find information which will assist with their design-in and after-sales support. ForthDD called this the “Application Support Centre” or ASC and this can be accessed via a secure log-in portal on the main ForthDD website at www.forthdd.com

Within the Application Support Centre, customers can find product specific and technology generic information including:

• Applications Notes
• User Manuals
• Software, AP codes, and sequences
• Product datasheets
• Mechanical diagrams

Each document will be to the latest revision so customers can be assured of having the most up-to-date information.

Recent additions to the repository include updated applications notes for the SXGA-R3 system as well as a new application note on the RS-232 control protocol for the -3DM interface.

To obtain a secure log-in username and password, please contact ForthDD technical support team at tech-support@forthdd.com.

EADS Astrium Choose Forth Dimension Displays

Forth Dimension Displays (ForthDD) are proud to announce that EADS Astrium of Toulouse, France have successfully implemented their SXGA microdisplay into their on-ground optical stimulation system for space sensors.

The Star Tracker Optical Stimulator or µSTOS is an item of test equipment that was developed to operate like a dynamic planetarium. The ForthDD microdisplay is used to project real star constellations from star catalogues which are then visualized by the satellite’s heading sensor just like a real sky. This allows EADS Astrium to functionally characterise the star tracker sensors of the satellite and verify the overall functions of the attitude control system ahead of launch.

“EADS Astrium is pleased to say that having chosen Forth Dimension Displays as the microdisplay provider for its new optical stimulators has enabled us to lower the weight by almost a factor 100 while improving the overall performance of the optical imaging system”.

Star Tracker Optical Stimulator

Workshop on Fringe Projection Attracts ForthDD

Forth Dimension Displays Ltd (ForthDD) will sponsor and attend the “Fringe 09 International Workshop on Advanced Optical Metrology” in Nürtingen, Germany between the 14th and 16th of September 2009.

Staff from ForthDD will be in attendance to introduce new customers to the latest projection display technology and interface electronics specifically designed for 3D metrology and fringe projection applications.

To make an appointment, or to receive further information on the SXGA-3DM product please email sales@forthdd.com or call +44(0)1383 827 950

Forth Dimension Displays debut WXGA microdisplay

Forth Dimension Displays (ForthDD) have given the first public appearance of their much heralded WXGA resolution microdisplay at this years “Laser – World of Photonics” show in Munich, Germany.

With 1280 x 768 pixels and an industry leading full colour pixel fill factor of greater than 96%, ForthDD now have both of the world’s leading near to eye microdisplays (the other is ForthDD’s highly respected SXGA) on their line card.

WXGA microdisplay 530

Microdisplays by their very definition require magnification to realize the true image.  Whilst the very best attributes of a microdisplay are magnified, the worst aspects of the image are also magnified.  Knowing this, emphasis has been placed on the importance of the pixel visibility and to the coverage per pixel of the colour.  Unlike microdisplays which have colour filters, in a ForthDD pixel each colour covers the entirety of the pixel rather than just a fraction.  In the new WXGA microdisplay each colour is shown on more than 96% of the pixel rather than the 20%-23% visible in many other microdisplays.  Couple this with a considerable reduction in chicken wire or screen door effect and you begin to understand why ForthDD has established a position as the world’s leading suppliers of microdisplays into high quality near to eye applications.

Even before the WXGA had its first public viewing, ForthDD had secured three key design-ins for the WXGA with some of the most discerning microdisplay users in Europe, America and Japan.  These applications demanded the best image quality available on the market and there can be no better testament to the image quality that ForthDD’s products provide.

The WXGA is available in the R3-XD, R3 and 3DM configurations for display and non-display applications alike.

Little Hearts Matter to Forth Dimension Displays with their First Charity Golf Event

Forth Dimension Displays (ForthDD) have enjoyed their first, in what is hoped to be an annual series, golf event which was held at Burntisland Golf House Club on the May 21st, 2009.  Golf has been played at Burntisland since 1797 (some historians suggest 1688) and it was very fitting that one of Scotland’s brightest and best technology companies play their golf at one of Scotland’s oldest and most beautiful golf courses.

Staff and former colleagues of ForthDD came together to raise funds for the “Little Hearts Matter”, a registered charity which offers support and information to parents and also raises awareness of those affected when a child has conditions such as hypoplastic left heart syndrome, pulmonary atresia, tricuspid atresia or Double Inlet Ventricle.

In all, eleven contestants braved the challenge of Burntisland which is known for its long par 5 and unsighted par 3s.  As with many Scottish summers, the weather was changeable with driving rain and blistering sunshine both in attendance.

Golf Forth Dimension Displays
From left to right: Dave Vettese, Greg Truman, Robert Hoffman, Calum Dewar, Chris Chalmers, Mark Taylor, Graeme Miller, George Jack, Duncan Anderson, Mike Hay, Mark McCallum, Andrew McCue

In the individual event, the educated money was on Chris Chalmers (Senior Electronics Engineer) to win on his home course and so it was to prove as he won with an excellent 36 stable ford points, 9 ahead of his nearest rival, Principal Process Engineer Mark Taylor.  In third place was European Sales Manager Dave Vettese, just one point behind.

In the team event, the production team (Andrew McCue, Production Director and Mark Taylor) led the way with some consistent scoring.  In second place were Chris Chalmers, Graeme Miller (Senior Electronics Engineer) and their manager Calum Dewar for the product design team.  In third spot were the optics team (Duncan Anderson of Intense Photonics and Mark McCallum of Edinburgh Instruments) followed by the sales team (Robert Hoffman, Sales Director and Dave Vettese).   Bringing up the rear was the finance team of George Jack and Mike Hay.

Two other trophies were awarded on the day.  Dave Vettese won the “nearest the pin” competition at the par 3 5th hole and Mark Taylor won the “longest drive” with a 250+ yards smack at the par 4 13th hole.

Funds were raised by a series of fun events along with entrance fee for the golf.  Forth Dimension Displays also donated a large sum on a like for like basis.  All in, just over £600 has been raised from this event which has been donated to “Little Hearts Matter”.

Next year ForthDD hopes to see a number of customers and suppliers along with some better weather!  If you are interested in participating please contact Dave Vettese at sales@forthdd.com

Forth Dimension Displays expands operations with new office in Berlin

Forth Dimension Displays (ForthDD) are delighted to announce the opening of their customer focused engineering operations based within Germany’s largest technology park, namely the Adlershof: City of Science, Technology and Media in Berlin.

ForthDD are recognised as the world’s leading supplier of microdisplays for high resolution “Near-To-Eye” applications and are also recognised as providers of a wide range of microdisplay solutions optimised for the best performance in demanding professional applications such head-up displays and 3D metrology systems. With a manufacturing facility in Scotland and sales offices in California and Tokyo, ForthDD are now opening an engineering bureau which will be fully focused on technical support for customers.

“Year on year growth for ForthDD, particularly in Germany, Spain and Switzerland, has necessitated an expansion of our application engineering staff resource” stated Greg Truman, CEO of Forth Dimension Displays. “To ensure that we have the engineering support close to our customers, we decided an office right in the heart of Europe would be highly appropriate. We chose Berlin Adlershof, not only because we have a number of customers in the Brandenburg region, but also due to its proximity to the future Berlin-Brandenburg International Airport. We can now have an engineer in nearly any office in West or Eastern Europe on a days notice”.

ForthDD are currently engaged in a number of design-ins with major European microdisplay system builders and their new move into Berlin re-enforces their position as the market leading microdisplay supplier who are aligned to their customers needs through providing optimised microdisplay solutions and best-in-class applications support.

The head of the Berlin office will be Nigel Cartwright, a very experienced applications engineer for Forth Dimension Displays. He stated: “Not only will we be in the position to assist with integration of our world leading microdisplay products such as the SXGA-3DM and the SXGA-R3, but we will also be well placed to engage in customised solutions for the non-standard applications. We look forward to opening our doors to new customers and new applications”.

The contact details for the new office are:

Forth Dimension Displays Ltd.
Schwarzschildstraße 3,
12489 Berlin
Telephone: +49(0)3063 923 114

For further information email: sales@forthdd.com

ForthDD at the heart of Sensofar innovative imaging profiler

Although Forth Dimension Displays (ForthDD) are recognised as the world’s leading microdisplay supplier to the premium near to eye display market, it is less well known that they successfully supply to a number of high technology companies producing innovative,leading edge applications in markets not generally associated with microdisplays. One such company is Sensofar-Tech of Barcelona, Spain.

Sensofar-Tech is a multi-national spin-off company from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC) whose mission is to be successful by producing and commercializing optical metrology tools and providing consultancy within the field of the optical metrology, effectively using the philosophies of high quality, advanced techniques and accurate customer services.

One of Sensofar’s most successful products is the PLµ 2300 imaging profiler which combines both confocal and interferometry techniques in a single sensor head – an attribute which is unique to Sensofar’s product. The advantage of this dual technique is that it covers the highest number of measurable surfaces by combining a low magnification interferential objective (from 2.5X to 50X) with a high magnification confocal objective (from 10X to 200X) in a single tool.

At the heart of each Sensofar PLµ 2300 you will find a microdisplay manufactured by Forth Dimension Displays.

The SXGA microdisplay is just part of the enabling technology required by the PLµ 2300 and the integration of a microdisplay technology into the application could only be achieved by a company who had in-depth knowledge of their own IP and access to the microdisplay driver algorithms and timings.

ForthDD Engineering Manager Calum Dewar explained “the Sensofar application is quite different from a near to eye system or any other traditional microdisplay application. The fundamental operation of the microdisplay had to be radically altered to perform to the specification that Sensofar demanded. By working closely with Sensofar engineers and listening to their requirements, we were able to deliver to this need in a timely and cost effective manner”.

The next step for ForthDD and Sensofar is the integration of the forthcoming SXGA-3DM product. European Sales Manager Dave Vettese continued “When the SXGA-3DM specification consultancy exercise concluded and the SXGA-3DM product was conceived, I had one question: will it work for Sensofar? Our engineers immediately replied with a ‘yes'”.

Sensofar will be one of the first companies to receive the SXGA-3DM when it is made available later this year. The 3DM product will continue to offer the exact timings and algorithms which are special to the Sensofar requirement but will also give the added benefit of a small simple microdisplay system without the video interface (superfluous to Sensofar) with triggers and signals to ensure complete synchronisation of the microdisplay with the Sensofar system.

The future for Sensofar and ForthDD will no doubt be linked by a common intention to achieve success through providing innovative solutions. By providing the SXGA-3DM ForthDD will continue to be at the heart of the Sensofar product.


Forth Dimension Displays celebrates successful SID Mid European Spring Meeting in Jena

Forth Dimension Displays (ForthDD) have this month celebrated a successful SID Mid European Chapter meeting, this time at the Fraunhofer IOF in Jena, Germany.

At this event, the oral presentation by Mark McCallum of ForthDD entitled “The use of LCOS microdisplays in 3D optical surface metrology systems” was well received by peers and potential new customers alike.

To support this technical presentation, ForthDD demonstrated their “Time Domain Imaging” microdisplay solution at a busy exhibit where new and existing customers were able to discuss their numerous applications with ForthDD engineering and sales staff.

European Sales Manager David Vettese stated “With full colour, high resolution and high fill factor available in a single microdisplay package, the SXGA ferroelectric LCoS display was a star of the exhibition when shown in both Near-To-Eye and projection demonstrators. The fast switching speed of the liquid crystal also lends itself for use in emerging applications including holographic data storage, confocal microscopy and optical correlators”.

For further information email: sales@forthdd.com

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Forth Dimension Displays to provide Microdisplays in support of US Army AVCATT

Forth Dimension Displays (ForthDD) is pleased to announce that we will be supplying our world leading microdisplay products to Rockwell Collins in support of their recent program award to supply their SimEye SR100A HMD to the US Army AVCATT program.

The SR100A is a significant advancement in image quality and resolution for the AVCATT program and ForthDD is pleased to be a part of Rockwell Collins’ winning solution.

ForthDD develops, manufactures and supplies the world’s most advanced microdisplays using a proprietary, fast-switching liquid crystal technology. Our Time Domain Imaging (TDI) technique coupled with no sub-pixelization in a compact, versatile and all digital drive system makes this an outstanding choice for the highest performance Near-to-Eye applications such as AVCATT.

AVCATT is a mobile, transportable, virtual simulation training system designed to provide Army aviation with the capability to conduct realistic, high intensity training exercises and mission rehearsals. The system allows pilots to train and rehearse through networked simulation in a collective and combined arms simulated battlefield environment.

For further information visit ForthDD at I/ITSEC booth 3448 or email: sales@forthdd.com

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Forth Dimension Displays featured in Mobile Display Report

4DD Turns the Corner. Mobile Display Report.

A year ago, ferroelectric LCOS supplier Forth Dimension Display (4DD) (Dalgety Bay, Scotland, (www.forthdd.com) was losing money, and so, made a big change in its strategic direction. It decided not to pursue the RPTV market and to focus on the high-end near-to-eye space. It cut staff by 40% and refocused its sales efforts. The strategy has paid off. Sales are up 40% over last year and the company is near a break-even point today, with profitability by the end of the year nearly assured.

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