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ForthDD at the heart of Sensofar innovative imaging profiler

Although Forth Dimension Displays (ForthDD) are recognised as the world’s leading microdisplay supplier to the premium near to eye display market, it is less well known that they successfully supply to a number of high technology companies producing innovative,leading edge applications in markets not generally associated with microdisplays. One such company is Sensofar-Tech of Barcelona, Spain.

Sensofar-Tech is a multi-national spin-off company from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC) whose mission is to be successful by producing and commercializing optical metrology tools and providing consultancy within the field of the optical metrology, effectively using the philosophies of high quality, advanced techniques and accurate customer services.

One of Sensofar’s most successful products is the PLµ 2300 imaging profiler which combines both confocal and interferometry techniques in a single sensor head – an attribute which is unique to Sensofar’s product. The advantage of this dual technique is that it covers the highest number of measurable surfaces by combining a low magnification interferential objective (from 2.5X to 50X) with a high magnification confocal objective (from 10X to 200X) in a single tool.

At the heart of each Sensofar PLµ 2300 you will find a microdisplay manufactured by Forth Dimension Displays.

The SXGA microdisplay is just part of the enabling technology required by the PLµ 2300 and the integration of a microdisplay technology into the application could only be achieved by a company who had in-depth knowledge of their own IP and access to the microdisplay driver algorithms and timings.

ForthDD Engineering Manager Calum Dewar explained “the Sensofar application is quite different from a near to eye system or any other traditional microdisplay application. The fundamental operation of the microdisplay had to be radically altered to perform to the specification that Sensofar demanded. By working closely with Sensofar engineers and listening to their requirements, we were able to deliver to this need in a timely and cost effective manner”.

The next step for ForthDD and Sensofar is the integration of the forthcoming SXGA-3DM product. European Sales Manager Dave Vettese continued “When the SXGA-3DM specification consultancy exercise concluded and the SXGA-3DM product was conceived, I had one question: will it work for Sensofar? Our engineers immediately replied with a ‘yes'”.

Sensofar will be one of the first companies to receive the SXGA-3DM when it is made available later this year. The 3DM product will continue to offer the exact timings and algorithms which are special to the Sensofar requirement but will also give the added benefit of a small simple microdisplay system without the video interface (superfluous to Sensofar) with triggers and signals to ensure complete synchronisation of the microdisplay with the Sensofar system.

The future for Sensofar and ForthDD will no doubt be linked by a common intention to achieve success through providing innovative solutions. By providing the SXGA-3DM ForthDD will continue to be at the heart of the Sensofar product.


Forth Dimension Displays celebrates successful SID Mid European Spring Meeting in Jena

Forth Dimension Displays (ForthDD) have this month celebrated a successful SID Mid European Chapter meeting, this time at the Fraunhofer IOF in Jena, Germany.

At this event, the oral presentation by Mark McCallum of ForthDD entitled “The use of LCOS microdisplays in 3D optical surface metrology systems” was well received by peers and potential new customers alike.

To support this technical presentation, ForthDD demonstrated their “Time Domain Imaging” microdisplay solution at a busy exhibit where new and existing customers were able to discuss their numerous applications with ForthDD engineering and sales staff.

European Sales Manager David Vettese stated “With full colour, high resolution and high fill factor available in a single microdisplay package, the SXGA ferroelectric LCoS display was a star of the exhibition when shown in both Near-To-Eye and projection demonstrators. The fast switching speed of the liquid crystal also lends itself for use in emerging applications including holographic data storage, confocal microscopy and optical correlators”.

For further information email: sales@forthdd.com

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Forth Dimension Displays to provide Microdisplays in support of US Army AVCATT

Forth Dimension Displays (ForthDD) is pleased to announce that we will be supplying our world leading microdisplay products to Rockwell Collins in support of their recent program award to supply their SimEye SR100A HMD to the US Army AVCATT program.

The SR100A is a significant advancement in image quality and resolution for the AVCATT program and ForthDD is pleased to be a part of Rockwell Collins’ winning solution.

ForthDD develops, manufactures and supplies the world’s most advanced microdisplays using a proprietary, fast-switching liquid crystal technology. Our Time Domain Imaging (TDI) technique coupled with no sub-pixelization in a compact, versatile and all digital drive system makes this an outstanding choice for the highest performance Near-to-Eye applications such as AVCATT.

AVCATT is a mobile, transportable, virtual simulation training system designed to provide Army aviation with the capability to conduct realistic, high intensity training exercises and mission rehearsals. The system allows pilots to train and rehearse through networked simulation in a collective and combined arms simulated battlefield environment.

For further information visit ForthDD at I/ITSEC booth 3448 or email: sales@forthdd.com

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Forth Dimension Displays featured in Mobile Display Report

4DD Turns the Corner. Mobile Display Report.

A year ago, ferroelectric LCOS supplier Forth Dimension Display (4DD) (Dalgety Bay, Scotland, (www.forthdd.com) was losing money, and so, made a big change in its strategic direction. It decided not to pursue the RPTV market and to focus on the high-end near-to-eye space. It cut staff by 40% and refocused its sales efforts. The strategy has paid off. Sales are up 40% over last year and the company is near a break-even point today, with profitability by the end of the year nearly assured.

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Forth Dimension Displays managing director Greg Truman speaks to United Kingdom Displays and Lighting

Greg Truman is managing director of Forth Dimension Displays. He has served in that position since the formation of CRLO Displays Ltd. since its formation in September 2004, and of its predecessor, CRL Opto, he led the successful fund raising that formed Forth Dimension Displays.

He has also participated in the formation of new displays companies Opsys and AccuScene.

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