Forth Dimension Displays releases an improved metrology interface for its 1.3 MPixel SXGA SLM

Forth Dimension Displays, a leading supplier of Spatial Light Modulators (SLM) into the in-line 3D metrology market, has delivered the much improved metrology-specific interface board R12 to the first customers.

These customers are updating their existing product to make best use of the smaller footprint of the R12 interface board, the capability to “daisy-chain” multiple boards and the new, size-matching high power LED drive board. Typically, a 3D metrology application requires to trigger several off-axis structured light projectors sequentially in a daisy-chain to enable shadow-free image analysis. The high power LED driver board matches to today’s brightest and most compact LEDs. Increasing the projector’s brightness reduces the camera exposure times for in-line 3D AOI and 3D SPI significantly, therefore allowing higher in-line inspection speed. The optional LED drive piggy-backs onto the R12 board as shown below, making it a very compact system to be integrated into the structured light projector.

The R12-LED board combination drives the 1 MPixel, WXGA SLM and the 1.3 MPixel, SXGA SLM, both renowned for its fast and precise digital performance. The metrology line-up is completed with the 3.1 MPixel, QXGA-3DM system for an even more detailed stripe projection. The QXGA-3DM can also be equipped with the LED drive board.

As always Forth Dimension Displays offers the complete range of product documentation with the development kit and support for projector design by our application engineering team.

Order code: SXGA-R12-LED, WXGA-R12-LED


Forth Dimension Displays at VISION show 6.-8. Nov 2018 Booth 1A89

Structured Light Projectors and Spatial Light Modulators for 3D Optical Metrology applications will be presented by Forth Dimension Displays on Booth 1A89 at the VISION show in Stuttgart, Germany from 6.-8. November 2018.

Renowned for its fast and precise performance, 1.3 MPixel and 3.1 MPixel SLMs will be demonstrated. As pictured below, the just released metrology-specific interface R12 with size-matching high power LED driver enabled a significant shrink in mechanical volume of the off-axis projector and improved projector performance with the 1.3 MPixel, SXGA SLM. The brightness increased by 100%, so camera exposure times for in-line 3D AOI and 3D SPI are significantly reduced. A square 4 MPixel, 2k x 2k SLM can be previewed for the next generation projectors able to resolve even finer structures than today.


Integration into a commercial off-axis projector

Forth Dimension Displays’ 3 MPixel SLM designed into Lumaxis’ Structured Light Projector for precision 3D Optical Inspection

 28th August 2017, Scotland – Lumaxis of Reston, Virginia has successfully integrated in their new Structured Light Projectors (SLP) the 3 MPixel (2048 x 1536 pixels) Spatial Light Modulator (SLM) from Forth Dimension Displays. SLPs are a key component of 3D optical inspection, for example in 3D automated optical inspection (3D AOI) equipment. 3D AOI is rapidly replacing 2D AOI in the quality control of printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing. The ability to use 3D AOI to measure in-line SMT components in all three dimensions on every PCB enables companies to improve yields and product quality while reducing wastage and costs.

ForthDD’s QXGA-3DM  is a fast switching, all digital, high performance reflective SLM product. Designed for 3D optical metrology, the QXGA-3DM features the industry proven Time Domain Imaging™ display with a 3D metrology specific display drive interface.

Lumaxis is a division of NVIS Inc. which has long established capabilities in the design and manufacture of optical systems based on Forth Dimension Displays’ microdisplays. Lumaxis will manufacture the SLPs in the US combining ForthDD’s QXGA-3DM SLM with an LED illuminator and LED drive electronics, optical components and housing. The SLP will deliver precise, high resolution (25 line pairs/mm) structured light patterns over a 41mm x 35mm field of view. This combination of the products and expertise from the two companies will allow manufacturers of 3D optical metrology equipment to reduce their time to market and benefit from an established, experienced SLP supply chain.

Marc Foglia, CEO of NVIS said “3D optical metrology using structured light projection is an enabling technology for quality control in various lines of manufacturing. In particular, the market for 3D AOI machines is rapidly growing with increasing demand on high precision and the ability to measure small feature sizes. Combining ForthDD’s SLM and Lumaxis’ projection technology will result in a 3D optical metrology solution for demanding customers.”

Greg Truman, CEO of ForthDD said “The market for 3D optical inspection is growing rapidly in all parts of the World. ForthDD has a very strong position in the 3D AOI market, supplying leading manufacturers in Germany, Japan, China and South Korea. Working closely with Lumaxis, ForthDD intends to expand this position supplying into the ultrahigh precision market.”