Forth Dimension Displays at VISION show 6.-8. Nov 2018 Booth 1A89

Structured Light Projectors and Spatial Light Modulators for 3D Optical Metrology applications will be presented by Forth Dimension Displays on Booth 1A89 at the VISION show in Stuttgart, Germany from 6.-8. November 2018.

Renowned for its fast and precise performance, 1.3 MPixel and 3.1 MPixel SLMs will be demonstrated. As pictured below, the just released metrology-specific interface R12 with size-matching high power LED driver enabled a significant shrink in mechanical volume of the off-axis projector and improved projector performance with the 1.3 MPixel, SXGA SLM. The brightness increased by 100%, so camera exposure times for in-line 3D AOI and 3D SPI are significantly reduced. A square 4 MPixel, 2k x 2k SLM can be previewed for the next generation projectors able to resolve even finer structures than today.


Integration into a commercial off-axis projector